Self Help

I can do it, myself
Famous last words – right?
I didn’t need someone else’s 12 step’s.
They wouldn’t find me sitting there holding hands and singing “kumbaya” like some pathetic teenage drama queen.
I could stop whenever I wanted.
I just didn’t have time right now.
Later, when time wasn’t pushing on my back like the north-eastern winds – chilling me to the bone.
Later, when there was peace and quiet, to work through the need.
They didn’t want me to try this today, or even tomorrow. Not if they wanted to live.
Okay that sounds a bit drastic. I wouldn’t kill anyone would I?
What kind of person is willing to kill over a cup’a joe?
But some days, when I have had only one.
and the printer runs out of ink,
and the tires have that squeak.
When they’re rub’n down that last nerve to a nub
What do they want from me, anyway?
A girls not made of stone.
I can do it myself
Just not yet
yeah, later


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