Panning for Dreams

Dip your toe in
swirl the depthImage
If you want to find
shimmering sunlight
in the silt
Gems locked in your mind

only way to know
tis gold or foolish dream
is to pull it out
and test its strength
but you must get in the stream

When I was a little girl – my grandfather used to take me panning for gold in the mountains above our home. There are lots of things that glimmer in a mountain stream – some of it is fool’s gold and some of it is real. If you sit on the bank wondering – it won’t do you a lick of good in the end. You have to be willing to get wet if you ever want to get the gold. I was thinking about writing and that maybe my book isn’t all that great an idea, maybe just a foolish dream…and the above poem came to me. Maybe its a fools dream, maybe not, only one way to find out.


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