Davida Dean Returns

My Short Story, Sister Warriors, was featured on Cavalcade of Stars today. Thank you Jeannette for the feature, I am in great company on your site.

Jeanette Cheezum's cavalcadeofstars

Sister Warriors
By Davida Dean

The slate sky’s dense clouds pushed her down the road. The sound of her boots crunching across the brittle weeds shattering an unwelcome silence, even the birds had flown in fear. She could feel the Battle Witch’s voice grating in her ear, “Kierlana, pick your sword up, damn you girl,” but she hadn’t the strength left.

“Treat your sword like your lover.” The blade scared voice chastised, “Care for it, keep it clean and true and it will not fail you”. Her bloody fingers slipped upon the hilt. The jarring bounce, as the blade glanced off the rocky soil, caused a moan to slip her lips. She knew she should care for the sword better, but she didn’t know why. The memory of the Battle Witch’s voice seemed alien.

The sound of hoof beats echoed down the road and her heart lept in her chest…

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