Stuff I Write When I’ve had a few…

Found this in my draft email box today….I vaguely remember writing it. If you ever wonder what I write when I have had to much to drink – here it is

To often “honesty” and “truth” are the cloak of unkindness and cruelty.

One should always be honest…but there are kind and tactful ways of being honest.

There are questions that are truly stupid, and ones born out of ignorance.

Would I look down my nose at a novice knitter for not knowing the nuances of knitting…nay!

Would you deride a blind woman for not knowing the difference between turquoise, blue and green – heck most men aren’t all that clear on the concept.

If you have never felt the exhilaration of a engine roaring beneath you as you charge down a hill and across an open plain, you may think it an act of lunacy.
If you are an avid motorcycle rider – you may hear a question from one who has never ridden, and think it is stupid or the answer self evident…but for the person who has never ridden – the answer is as lost as the meaning of life.
only after the great machine is done clanking away and spits out the answer “42” do we go…duhhhh…that was a stupid question.

Often we need the answer to truly begin to understand the question.


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