Homage Paid

She was just a slip of a girl, with rich mahogany hair. A single tendril of hair curled across her jaw line. My hands ached to touch it.

My first thought when I saw her standing in my room was that I couldn’t be this lucky.  Her skin was creamy white and emerald eyes glowed softly in the flickering light cast by the fire place.  My opinion of the Inn and its keeper rose considerably.  If he had this sort of girl in his employ, kept for his clients, I would have to stop here more often.

Tentatively she offered me a glass of wine.  I could see she was a bit nervous.  Perhaps I was her first, the idea of a virgin pleased me greatly.  Gesturing at the wine I said, “Have some yourself my child.  It’s a very good vintage”

Moving closer to her, I ran my hand along her delicate face. Her skin was soft as silk.  “M’lord, yer aint wondering why I’m here? Who sent me?” She whispered, her head barely came to my shoulders.  Oh gods she was sweet and fresh.

My hand paused in its exploration of her ample breasts, “Not a gift from the inn keeper then? Which of my vassels has paid such a lovely homage? I would see them rewarded for so exquisite a gift. ”

The shock of pain in my gut broke through my desire and I stumbled backwards.  She was on me faster than a mountain cat, her shirt shoved in my mouth.  The short sword she had been hiding pierced my stomach again.  I slid on something slick on the floor, my own blood, landing hard on my back, my head slams into the hearth.

“Those loyal to your brother have sent their homage….m’lord” Her beautiful lips twisted with sarcasm. My eyes widen in surprise as I choked on her shirt and the blood filling my throat. “Oh yes, your brother lives. Your assassin was no where near as good as me.  Your guards wont bother you for hours m’lord. They wouldn’t want to disturb you and your gift.  Your reputation for devouring sweet young things is widely know.” Slowly the strength drains from my body.  She removes her shirt and I see her wipe my blood from her sword.

Softly I whisper, “You were just a slip of a girl….” and remember no more.


3 thoughts on “Homage Paid

    • Wow, thats an ackward typo if I ever saw one… next time less jack and more coke! I kid…Crazy how we cant see our own typos no matter how many times we read something.

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