Manic Monday Mullings – If I’m never published

If I knew I would never be published – would I continue to write?

Will my silly miss matched and flawed gloves ever make the shelves of a fashion boutique – no.

But i once knitted a hat for a friend. She wore it to her pool league and won every game she wore the hat to. She swears its a lucky hat – and that is why I knit.

Will my cookies win the blue ribbon at a fair – nope.

But I once made a pecan pie that ruined my friends husband for all other pecan pies. The crust was flaky and buttery and the pecans caramelized and rich.

And if I am never published – well, I know I touched a few readers on my blog. I have inspired some with my poetry and made a few laugh out loud.

I may not be called to be Martha Stewart or a Fashion Maven, but I have touched those around me with my craft. And thought I may not be J.K. Rowlings, I am D.B. Dean – and even though I am new to this writing game, I have touched a few peoples lives and made them better with my words…and that is enough for me.


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