Synopsis: The Un-One

Synopsis: The Un-One

Sam seems like just your average college girl wanting to find her place in the world. With a reclusive yet over protective step father who raised her since her mother died in child birth, it is understandable that she would long to find a normal American family to fit into.

Her engagement to a rich law school student seems to be the ticket to a normal life. But in a world where Fae and Werewolves live among society and the U.S. government is struggling to come to terms with this new breed of citizen, nothing is as it seems.

The sudden disappearance of her werewolf step-father forces Sam to come to terms with her true self. In a world where she is neither human enough to be one of them and she is not werewolf, where does she belong.

Sam embarks on a journey to rescue her father and discover her true origins. Danger lurks around every corner in a world where things that go bump in the night are real and the greatest danger maybe found in the ranks of the government officials pretending to protect us. Sam is not a member of the pack, she is Un-Human & Un-Fae. She is the Un-One, belonging nowhere and to no one.


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