Soul Sisters

soul sisters born a world apart, yet bound their souls in birth

childhood friends who dance and play and laugh with girlish mirth

each wakes to lives so far apart, ner in the day they meet

one a barmaids dirty child, one a princess with slippers on her feet


soul sister sleeps a sleep the never breaks from dreams

soul sister wants for me to enter to her scene

we play and laugh til light doth pull me back to sleeping form

I leave her though she begs me stay, tear striken she doth morn


soul sister does not grow as I, a woman she can not be

for she is trapped inside her mind, her soul only i can see

she begs me come and find her, and free her from her cell

I leave my home, climb mountains high, the end i can not tell


soul sister waits for me to rise and take a final stand

and lead my merry men against the one who’d wipes us from this land

witches come and head my call, our princess doth await

come with me, its time to fight, leave not the warlock declare our fate


a poem written about one of my novels in process.


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