Procrasti…Oh whats that over there?

As sure as the sun rising and my children eating all the food, I will get distracted by the world wide web. I will become ensnared by all the things I haven’t read, didn’t know and wont ever go to. I will waste time.

The internet can be a great resource for a novice writer, like myself. And it can be a huge time suck. I can set out with the best of intentions and end up accomplishing nothing other than a sore neck and numb fingers from typing on my laptop.

So, what does a will-o-the-wisp, scatter brained writer like myself do?

First! I blog about it of course. (check)

Second, I set a goal for myself. How does 1000 words tonight sound?

Third, I make the goal public to those who can embarrass me and harass me for not accomplishing it. (facebook – check!)

Lastly, I log off the internet, shut the door and write till I hit the 1K mark.

Then quickly log back on to see if any one commented on my piece on, if anything funny popped up on facebook and crow about the fact I just wrote 1K words in my book on twitter. (is it crowing on twitter when you brag?).

Right, so now that I have a plan, I am gonna post this puppy, without checking my spelling or grammar etc. And go work on the Un-One.

but first…let me get something to drink.


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