Just Deserts

“Just desert and coffee miss?” The young waitress asked.

“If you can CALL it that… how hard is it to get coffee right?” Tina’s shrill voiced sliced through the dinners breakfast din. The young waitress winced replying, “I… you said a vanilla latte. Is this not right?”

“I said nonfat… this is 2%. I said 139 degrees, this is well over 140. My GAWD you’re an idiot. This isn’t rocket science. And this custard is runny. I want my money back.” She pushed the plate away from her, which slammed into the cup, spilling the contents down the counter. The flood of tan was held back by cuff of the woman a few seats down. Slowly the now wet woman turned emerald eyes towards Tina and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow. A halo of thick dark rich curls cascaded down her shoulder as she sighed, put her book aside, and stood to face the irate customer.

“I think you should apologize young lass. You don’t want to deal with the bad energy from treating a person like that” the other customer said, her voice softly accented with a hint of Scottish brogue.

“Apologize! for what. If their counter wasn’t so crappy the drink would not have fallen and if SHE had listened, none of this would have happened. I don’t have to put up with this crap and I don’t have to apologize to uneducated idiots.” Tina continued, “If I did my business the way they do, I would be fired. Really, the level of stupidity is rather rampant in this dive”

“I warned you” She said, lifting her hand ” What you do to others, ten fold shall you reap.” Then she smiled at the waitress and turning, left the cafe.

“Screw you.” Tina responded. Picking up her Bloomingdale’s shopping bags, she exited the small cafe. As her foot touched the sidewalk she heard” Tina? What the hell are you doing here. You called in sick.”

Her heart sinking she turned to find her VP of Sales staring at her from a car on the street. “I am on my way back from the doctors and stopped for some coffee.” She lied hastily. His eyes dropped pointedly to the shopping bags at her feet. “I had to do the presentation with out you. I am tired of this. You are not a team player and now you are lying.”

“But…but I had…” Tina stammered, looking up and down the street for the woman who had cursed her. She was nowhere to be seen. “None of this is my fault Allen, there was this woman and….” Tina stopped talking, looking around her again. How the hell had that woman disappeared so fast.

“Your through, we will ship you your stuff. Don’t bother coming back to work.” The squeal of tires was drowned out by laughter from with in the cafe.


One thought on “Just Deserts

  1. I know you were following me. We’ve all run into wonderful folks like this. Wonderful because they give us a chance to practive living in grace. I loved the Scottish customer’s warning! Nicely done.

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