the doubter

faker, fraud, pretender great
my mind whispers to me
average, mundane, silly twit
published never be
dreamer of impossible dreams
what makes you think your free
untalented hack, waste of time
some day you will see
its best to sit upon the ground
and never stretch your wings
then reach for glory, wings unbound
and risk what failure brings
But what if I can fly
I whisper in the night
what if I’m not meant to hide
what if this  is right
I take a breath, release my doubts
then I prepare to soar
and find inside all I could be
the words now free, out-pour


3 thoughts on “the doubter

  1. how is everything?

    invite you to join poetry potluck today,

    share old poems if you did not write new ones…


    bless your Monday.
    Enjoyed your talent a great deal.


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