Blood Price: Mar-12-1983: The Un-One’s Birth

March 12, 1983

Eyes were the doorway to the soul they say.  In this moment and this place, Moonsong knew it to be true. Never had her husbands been unsure, never had he not know what to do.

He was old before she was born, a mountain man accepted by but not part of her tribe.  A man of nature and a lycan.  A werewolf, who had seen countless generations of her people live and die. He feared little that walked this earth, and his eyes were full of fear.

“The child comes to early my love.” He whispered.  Pain rocked her body and for a moment all Moonsong could do was moan low and soft. She could hear him pleading with L’eelk’w Taukuk laa, but it seemed as if it was in another room, “Please grandmother help her. There is so much blood.”

Looking up, as the contraction passed, she saw fear and love in his eyes.  So much blood and yet he didnt view her as prey.  So much blood and his wolf never stirred.  The man, her man, looked down at her and whispered, “I love you.”

As the contractions slammed through her once again she let her mind float to another time and another place.  To the father of her child.  Golden hair had blown about on the fey winds.  The grass impossibly green and the sweet scent of flowers perfumed the air.  But that was Underhill, the fey realm. It had been impossibly beautiful and bright.  And she had been an interloper, a human who did not belong.

Each night she had rushed to sleep and walk in her dreams, to meet her lover.  As she walked in his realm, he had taught her a pleasure she could never have imagined.  Even as she writhed in childbirth, she remembered the delights of his hands, his voice, his kiss.

The nights had been enough for her, but he had wanted more.  A captive of his realm, he did not walk freely among humans as others of his kind had.  He was trapped in Underhill. A prince of the fey, confined to his own land. He convinced her to come to him, through a gate between the realms.  He could not pass between, but she could.  The day they spent together would be her last.  He had loved her she was sure.  With time she came to understand the child the grew with in her body, their child, was tied to the human realm.  It tied her to this land. She was dreamwalker no more.

She began to see things the no one else could see, the energy of life, flowing from living thing to living thing.  The power of her lover was growing inside her, in their child.  As her tribe turned against her, she turned to the only friend she had left.  Conner, patient, wise Conner had understood that what she saw was a product of her love affair with the Fey Prince. He took her as his bride and promised to care for her and the child.

The pain slashed through her body and she knew that this child was to powerful to come into this world without much blood shed. “My Husband, promise me you will love her as your own.” She whispered.

“Stop such talk, we will raise her together.” He softly wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Conner, She is your daughter, promise me you will love her and protect her.” The pain stole her next words from her lips as she screamed in pain.

The grandmother answered, “The child comes with much blood and pain, a blood price like this can only mean she is meant for a greater cause.”

Conner turned as Moonsongs eyes began to close and he whispered, “I vow upon my life, I will love her as my own pup. I swear.” Moonsong squeezed his hand once and as a baby’s cry broke the night, Moonsongs heart ceased moving.

“Her name is Samantha.” he said as the grandmother wrapped the baby and placed it in his arms. “Samantha Moonbeam McDonnell.


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