Tucson Shooting and Opportunistic Politicians

When the news hit the air, we held our breath and mourned.  And then we waited.  We all knew what was coming next.  Blame had to be assigned.  Law suits had to be filed and the talking heads would pontificate at length in the absences of facts. The nation would take a moment of silence and the fill the air with theories and blame shifting calculated to their own political ends.

Politicians show up to give support and respect, but in truth they are looking for a photo-op.  In all the political maneuvering they seem to have forgotten that six lost their lives and fourteen people were injured.  Lips service will be given to the dead and injured, but it sounds like a flat note on the ear. Like hungry vultures fighting over a fresh kill they manipulate and twist the facts to their own end.  Shame on them.  A moment of silence is not enough, a day to mourn to short.  And the media’s glee in the search for a scape goat makes my stomach churn with disgust.

I am not a brilliant debater, nor a spin doctor extraordinaire.  Just an average girl who’s sick of it all, and wishes they’d give it a rest.



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