Moon Legacy

Dy rose from bed moments before the alarm sounded, rolling soundlessly to her feet. Stretching her arms wide she snagged her BDU jacket from the lamp shade and buttoned it over her army issue t-shirt.  Art was already awake, waiting patiently by the door. Snapping his lead to the harness they headed out for patrol.  She passed Rosco and Johnny (Johnny was the dog) in the hall with a nod. “Pulled night watch again Wellington?” Rosco asked as they passed.

“As often as possible, you know me. I like the night life.” She grinned and headed out the door.

As she stepped out away from the base and took up her patrol on the border between the green zone and the desert she felt her soul stretch its wings and soar up into the night sky.  Since she was a tiny girl she loved the night sky. Gazing up into the thick dark night, illuminated with dots of light, she felt renewed, replenished.  The night sky fed her soul.  It was the only way she could describe it.

Art at her side and her M16 across her chest, the night enveloping her in its embrace, she turned her face to the glow of the moon.  A short impulse to snuff out the lights of the base crossed her mind. She never understood why humanity felt a desire to push away the night with artificial light.

Looking to the horizon she called a greating, ‘hello lover.” Orion’s light caressed her skin and she grinned.  Nothing could compare to the rightness she felt in this moment.  Orion had always been there for her.  When her high school boyfriend broke her heart, Orion listened.  When she was lost and looking for home, Orion shined the way.  And when she dreamed of the perfect man at night, Orion took her in his arms.

The disappointment her family felt when she dropped out of the ivy league college to join the Army as an enlisted MP was not unexpected, but she knew what she had to do. The day she walked out of the admissions building, that bore her family name, was the first day she had ever felt free.

There had always been a restlessness in her.  A hunger to move.  A need to live out away from cultured society.  With Art at her side, she began her nightly hunt.  While her fellow soldiers slept she knew, no insurgent would slip past the border and no harm would come to her friends.

She had her dog, Orion and the pale light of the moon.  They were with her no matter where she traveled.  They were the rope keeping her tethered to this world.  If the moon were to falter, or Orion were to fall, she was sure that she would cease to be.  But with them there, glowing in her night sky, she knew she could do anything.


Dy is a new character I am toying with. She may develop into her own series.


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