Patient 6274

This one would be a tough case he knew. Patient 6274 had a classic case of identity confusion brought on by the pressures of her family coupled with society’s cultural requirements of what is considered nice. Patient 6274 found herself desperately trying to please everyone and in the end pleasing no one.

“I want you to just take a moment and breath. Close your eyes and push away all the voices of your family and friends. You are in a safe place where only your thoughts and feelings have power. Nothing can break through into this mental plain. Tell me what it feels like to be in this plain.” The Mont Blac hovered ever ready.

“Its soft and happy. I see a little puppy playing in a field, he’s chasing butterflies.” She pulled her hat of her head and eased back on to the pillow. A soft smile spread across her face.

“You are smiling. Do you feel good in the field?” A patient’s face often gave clues to their unspoken mental state.

“Yes” She smiled brighter and broke out into a mindless tune.

“What do you want to do in that field.” The doctor waited to she what her action would be.

A look of confusion crossed her face, “I think I should turn the puppy into a toad and make the grass unto swamp muck.” She sat up right and reached out for her hat.

“You think you should? You didn’t say you wanted to turn the puppy into a toad but that you should. Why should you?” He hovered on the edge of the chair, sure his patient was on the edge of discovery.

“I…I’m a witch. That’s what witches do!.” She looked into the doctors eyes, helplessness dissolving the smile and sadness wrinkling her brow.

“Who says that’s what witches do?” He asked gently.

“Everybody” exasperation colored her voice as she threw her hands into the air.

“But Wendy dear, in this place, you are everybody. And if you don’t want to change the puppy into a toad, then you don’t have to. You can be what ever kind of Witch you want to be.” He smiled and sat back in the chair and let it soak in.

“I don’t have to make the puppies into toads?” The smile creeping back on to her face.

“Nope. Wendy, you can be as good a little Witch as you want to be. Its your world. Next week we work on setting boundaries with your witchy aunts. You can not control them, but you can control how you react to them.


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