Meg Vs. Jerry – I am so over it

You could call it overly dramatic, but I feel as if I am drowning in social media.

Pedantic political hyperbole so heated the newspapers burst into flames on the stands.

I gag on the deception printed from both sides of the ring.

Like a child on a merry go round spinning out of control, I vomit when the Spin Doctors begin to spin.

As they weave their webs of lies and half truth, I feel myself yanked and pulled by the deceptive thread.

I suffocate on the TV and Radio Advertisements that pollute my air.

I am drowning in social media, tainted by those who pull the strings.

With the Unions and Police Chiefs “In Jerry’s Pocket” and the bucks of Megs “Big Business Backers”  and all the dirty schemes pulled in between, who do you believe.

If you think any of these TV advertisements remotely resemble the truth, your probably aren’t old enough to vote or shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

I say enough! Morons and simpletons run our country, put into office by the same. I’ve lost faith in something that once burned so bright and I fear it will only get worse.

I am so over it!


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