The brothers dance

The insult lay between them, as if cast out for all to see. The tribe grew silent as Honaw rose into his full height. His chest broadened and filled with violence. As tall as a bear and just as strong, the small children trembled at his rage. “You should not have returned Ahote. There is no place for you here”. His words, clipped with anger bounced from rock to canyon wall.

Ahote breathed out slowly, his eyes fixed not on Honaw, but on an eagle soaring over head. “You have left me no choice Honaw. Kotori is not the Chief he once was. Soon he will be Cheveyo. The old are hungry and your warriors sit in places of honor they have not earned.”

Honaw face grew purple with rage, “You left your people to walk the world. You are no longer one of us. You are no longer first son. I am chief.”

Ahote looked to his tribe, never looking Honaw in the face, “Your people are hungry and you have grown fat and lazy. I do not want this Honaw, but you have left me no choice. Enough talk my brother.”

Ahote reached his hand out and signaled to Istaqa. The aged holy man moved out into the circle. The two brothers reached forward and clasped hands. With care Istaqa bound their hands with leather. “Two warriors enter the circle of life. Only one shall leave.” The coyotes howl broke through the silence. Ahote sensed death stalking in the shadows. Today he would take his brothers life.

The plot thickens Thursday – use ” A hand shake” as a plot element in your flash.
HONAW: Hopi name meaning “bear.”
AHOTE: Hopi name meaning “restless one.”
KOTORI: Hopi name meaning “screech owl spirit.”
CHEVEYO: Hopi name meaning “spirit warrior.”
ISTAQA: Hopi name meaning “coyote man.”


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