There once was a man…

from Nantucket.  It’s a phrase that runs through my head.  The irony is I have never heard the full joke.  I know its dirty.  But it’ s a phrase that sticks with me.

“there was this one time…at band camp…” 

Another phrase I get stuck in my head.

Good writing?  or is it just simple writing. 

Do you write witty amazing things that are complex and deep and profound.

Or do you write for the masses so that you are easily published.

What do the masses want? 

Do agents and publishers actually know what they want?  Or is it as subjective as performance reviews in the corporate world. 

With one manager you are a star performer.  Then your next manager wonders why they pay you.  The difference is perception.

J.A. Konrath took it out of publishers hands and went electronic.  He has a whole blogged dedicated to the e-publishing world.  Let the reader decide.  But…do I write for the masses or for me.

I guess it all depends on why I am writing.

For them…or for me.


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