You don’t need the perfect nursery and all the perfect clothes.

You don’t need classes on how to swaddled it or how to wipe its nose

You don’t need to fill its days with educational videos

But you can sit and adore each of its precious toes

You can choose to do it all as mother nature planned

Or you can use all the medical things ever known to man

Either way your childs born and it will change your life

You are something more its seem today than a daughter and a wife

You’re a mother and you hold your new-born baby child

The velvety skin, the baby sounds, so little, meek and mild

Dont worry if you think that you don’t know it all just yet

Neither did your mother dear, and she learned so don’t you fret

Your baby cries but its okay, your both learning a brand new thing

And from the moment your baby is born, you’ll know why mothers sing

To lull the baby back to sleep, and sooth blinking eyes shut

Or simply to drown out its cry, so you will not go nuts

(written for M. Fahey and S.Coleman -two dear friends about to become a mother for the first time.  Just remember if I can do it, anyone can).


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