Rules for Life – All I need to know I learned on grandpas farm

1) if you turn your back on the billy goat – he may knock you on your butt.  But he is a billy goat after all

2) tomatoes taste sweeter when you’ve planted the seeds, watered them and spread a bit of fertilizer around yourself.

3) you dont need sleeping pills when you work from can see to can’t see.  You also dont need sleep number beds, special pillows or yoga to help you relax.

4) the rooster is a tough ol bird best left alone to do his job.  He wouldnt taste good anyway.

5) babies come from mamas and daddies.  Not from a stork and not Birds and the Bees.  Its the horses, cows, chickens and bunnies…and its pretty obvious.

6) Everything dies, and sometimes you need to help.  Its not kind to let an animal suffer. 

7) Working together makes everything easier.

8 ) A smaller switch is not always better

9) If you hurt someone, you say your sorry, you offer them a hand up and then you help them carry their load until they are healed again.  Sorry doesnt fix it.  But being there while they heal shows your true remorse.

10) Tomorrow, you will need to do it all over again, because thats life.  Its not fair or unfair…its just life.


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