Memories, strawberry wine and getting older

Today is my birthday.  I woke up this AM at about the time of my birth (2:32AM) and thought – wow I am a year older today.  In some ways I don’t feel any different.  But today my resolve has changed.  Today I take my life with both hands.  Today I embrace my blessings and begin to learn to deal with hardships as a women and not a scared little girl.

Today I think of Strawberry wine (I still remember when 30 seemed old).  Is it really my childhood or the loss of innocence that I miss so much.

Today I think of the birth of my first child, of the joy on my husbands face as he held our babe in his arms. 

I think of our second and third sons, each one different, each one a gift of god.  Oh how my life has been blessed with the men in my life.  Three sons and a husband I love with everything I have.

I think back to sliding down the sun burned grassy hills as a kid, with a bit of cardboard under me.  Stickers in my sox.

I think back to how sweet a candied apple tasted before my tastes buds were burnt by to much coffee.

I remember, i remember who I was.  I remember my accomplishments and mistakes. 

But I am no longer afraid of what will come and who I will be.  I know my weaknesses and I have found my strength.

I look at the years ahead with hope. I look ahead to a life filled with a love I will never take for granted.  I am looking ahead.


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