A Life Lived Well

He stood upon life’s path, viewing the road he had taken
He could see all the times he had been mistaken
He saw other trails leading off to places he was certain
Were filled with riches, fame and glory, and perhaps a lot less hurt’n
There before him were all the things that he had said and done
Choices made, good and bad, his song it had been sung
Sadly then he shook his head, disappointed in his life
Its not at all what he had planned and it cut just like a knife
But as the sun slowly set, he began to see
Other things about his life and the knowledge set him free
There a path to fame had come before his child was born
If it was taken he would not have heard its cry that sunny morn
Another path twisting off appeared to lead to glory
But bypassed a time that he helped another write their story
A friend he helped one fateful day would have been lost its true
He did it not for the applause but because it was right to do
People he had helped as life went spinning way to fast
He never knew its true effect until it all had passed
His children, raising families now, his babies how they’d grown
Others he could have cast aside, instead he made his own
His life was full of happiness, laughter and some tears
His name might not be written down in future history books
But he was loved by the people he touched, he only had to look
He lived his life, helping others, as only he knew how
And in the end he had been blessed and wouldnt change it now


4 thoughts on “A Life Lived Well

  1. This was written for Mitch because of something he said and for my Grandfather because of the life that he lived and then it became…a hope for my husband that he might someday look back and see good and happiness in his life…that standing there looking back good and bad – in the end our life together will have done more good and more happiness then saddness.

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