Color of Possibilities

yarn%20logoYarn makes me happy. As I walk into my local yarn store, I experience a wave of sensory input. Beautiful bright colors are pouring out of the nooks and crannies. Baskets of softness overflow on to a polished oak table gleaming in the sunlight. The earthy scent of wool mixes with those of cotton, bamboo and silk fibers. The untapped potential of each skein of yarn delights the eye. I find myself drawn and pulled into multiple directions at once. I want to touch and squeeze this skein, and compare these two colors together over there. All the things I could create come flooding through my mind at once and for a moment I am rooted to the floor with the sights, smells and endless possibilities.

I take my time. Slowly walking up and down the quiet aisles. It’s an art gallery of texture and color on each side. Eventually I choose one or two skeins of something that catches my eye. I leave with a little bit of happiness in a small blue bag, excited at what I will do with my new ball of color. Often I don’t have an idea of what I want to make when I buy the yarn. I just like the way it feels and the color. I put it in my closet with all the other yarn, taking it out from time to time to look at it and touch it. The excitement will build steadily each time I take the yarn out and look at it. It grows as I imagine creating this new thing for myself or a gift for a friend and or family member. I take them out and imagine what this ball of yarn could be. Until, one day, I know I will make. I take the yarn out and I unroll the skein and I begin to create something. Or, I want so badly to play with this bit of string that although I lack a plan or design, I take it out and just start to crochet. Twisting the yarn one way and another until something takes form.

 I often wonder why I love the craft stores so much. Why does a bright ball of fiber bring a sparkle to my eye. I realize that it’s what the yarn represent as much as it is the beauty in the color and the sensuous feel of the yarn. It represents limitless ideas. A plethora of things that I can create with my two hands. When I hold a new skein of yarn in my hand, what I can create is only limited by my imagination and my experience.

 I may try a new pattern or make up a pattern of my own. Sometimes it works beautifully. Sometimes I end up with a nasty tangled mess of string. But the deal is, I keep trying. And with each skein of yarn, my knowledge grows. I can take on harder and more complex tasks. Over time those little balls of fiber, wound tightly around a piece of paper, transform into scarf’s, gloves, hats, sweaters and socks.  They become something that my loved ones can wear to protect them from this world.  Or a bit of color they can add to brighten their day.  Is my little way caring for those around me.  Every knot, every loop ever stitch is done with love and patience and joy. 

Yarn – I enjoy the excitement of choosing a brand new skein with all its limitless possibilities. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction I get when I complete a project or learn a new skill .

 I love to see the joy my five year old expresses as he puts on his hand made slippers, slippers his mama made just for him. I am surprised when my eight and ten year old sons then demand their own pair of lumpy misshapen slippers too. This means I must return to that textile haven, the yarn store. I once again will wander down the color laden pathway, surround by bright colored balls of yarn. I will touch, I will smell and I will look at all the beautiful possibilities. Then, I will bring home a new little bundle of possibilities and begin it all again.


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