Love’n the Rhythm of the Rain

The soft tap dance pulls me gently from slumber.  I lay there listening as each tiny drop soft shoe taps across the roof.  The dancing drops gather in the rain gutters and sing gently as they make their way down the channels to the street.  Each car that passes my window makes a gentle shushing sound as if to lull me back to my dreams.  The rain insulates the house from the world outside, encouraging me to stay in bed and sleep.  But, I rise  in spite of  the descending enchantment.

At work I find it hard to concentrate.  There is something about the rain that awakens another women in me.  She is wild and untamed.  The cubicle walls and the routine all feel so confining.  I find myself finding reasons to leave the office and walk in the rain.  Head back, I refuse to scurry.  No coat, no umbrella, I luxuriate  in the rain falling on me.  As if each tiny raindrop is a lovers kiss upon my skin.  Nerve endings tingle with the sensation.  The smell of the wet earth fills my senses and the whoosh of cars driving past me as I walk all make me feel so very alive.  I walk back into the office, hair dripping, shirt wet and feeling amazing.   Its as if I have cleansed myself of all the baggage one collects each day.  I am renewed.


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