The Look of Love

You could just call them blue.  You would be missing a lot if you did.   A soft baby blue yet at times they appear almost steel grey.  There is an undefinable strength written in them – a message they send that makes other men wonder about what he has seen and done.  They are bordered with marks that are the testament to days spent labouring in the sun and wind and rain.  They are evidence of working long and hard to care for those he loves.  They do not waver when fixed upon the goal.  Some would call them hard, with the power to stop a man in his tracks and make him reconsider defying the unspoken message written there.  Yet, you could not call them cold.  I have seen them brimming with joy at the sound of his new born son and overflowing with so many other un-named emotions.   They tell me all I need to know about my man.


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